How To Make Android Run Faster & Smoother

How To Make Android Run Faster: Slowness of android device can make any task on it time-consuming & frustrating. Every android smartphone user wants his/her smartphone to run at its top speed always.

A fast android smartphone takes less processing power & memory consumption. It results in increases battery life of smartphone. So if you are facing low battery problem, despite of having battery with more power, it may be due to slowness of android.

We use our android smartphone for various useful tasks like watching free movies, taking selfies, taking notes  and web browsing and many other tasks. Web browsing is one of most common task we do on our smartphones. Imagine a situation, you have a fast internet connection on your mobile installed with one of fastest web browser for android installed. Due to slow processing of tasks, still your internet browsing speed on your smartphone is not up to the mark.

Many android users face such situations of slow android. Do you know how to make a slow android device faster and smoother? You don’t need to buy new smartphones in a short period just due to slowness.

Here is the list of some useful tips which can easily make your android faster.

Make Android Run Faster

List Of Tips To Make Android Run Faster And Smoother

1. Keep Your Android & Apps Updated

Keeping the android version to latest is one of the best way to make android run faster. Along with android OS, it is highly recommended to update every installed app to its latest version. Newer version of android operating system and apps contains new features and bug fixes that helps smartphone hardware to give maximum performance. Make sure you do the updation of android version on Wi-fi. Updating on mobile data will result in more data consumption.

2. Uninstall & Disable Apps

What is the benefit of an installed app, if you are not using it. Always install those apps on your android device which you really need. There are many time we install many apps including games just to try them like Weather apps, productivity apps and more. After getting to their features, we forget to install them. It keep on consuming the memory and many time CPU usage which results in low hardware resource for other necessary apps to run.

Also there are some app which keep running in background while not in use. These type of apps increase RAM and CPU usage. So you should disable those apps to save memory and CPU usage

3. Keep The Homescreen Simple

You should keep the homescreen of your android smartphone simple and clutter free. Many of us love to apply live wallpapers on our homescreen. But it can slower the processing of visuals on homescreen and also take more battery juice. So you should use a static wallpaper. Widgets should be used at minimum as they make your screen scrolling very lag.

4. Use Antivirus Apps

A good android antivirus app should be installed in every android smartphone & tablet. It is very easy to get your android device malware infection. It’s because we use these mobile device for web browsing and installing apps. Both these task can open the door for malwares. Antivirus apps put a security protection on your mobile to prevent those malwares. If your android device is running slowly then it can be due to malware running in your smartphone.

So you should install android antivirus apps and regularly scan your smartphone for viruses.

5. Turn Off Animations

Do you want to make your android run faster without rooting then turning off animation is one of the best way. Turning on animation can make some android smartphones slow. Also bringing animations in usage make mobile to consume more battery juice. So you should use animation at minimum or disable it.

6. Clear Cached Data

Regular usage of an app builds the cache data for that app. In fact this cached data is used by apps for lag-free task. But if we do not clean this cached data for a long time, it can make your system hang and sluggish. So it should be cleaned at regular interval to ensure every app and OS remain clean & fresh. Although most of smartphone comes with built-in Cleaner app. But you can also use Clean Master App to clean every temporary file from your smartphone. It will make your android device run faster in no time.

7. Root Your Android

Rooting of android is the best way to make android run faster and smoother. There are many unwanted apps which comes pre-installed with your smartphone. These apps can only be uninstalled by rooting the smartphone. There are many reasons to root android device for faster processing. It includes increase in memory of android, more battery juice and installing custom ROM.

8. Factory Reset

Factory Reset ensures your mobile device runs like new and give performance like new smartphone. Many time due to some wrong system settings or configuration, our mobile device runs slow. At that time, it’s very difficult to find the exact cause (bad configuration) of the slowness. A factory reset brings every system setting and configuration to default. It also clean the android mobile memory. Your phone will run like new after factory reset. But make sure, you have taken the backup of all essential data before doing this.

9. Turn-Off Auto Sync

Auto Syncing of different accounts in our smartphone can also negatively impact the performance of the mobile. Our smartphone are installed with many apps which automatically syncs for latest data. You should turn-off the auto sync and sync the app only when you need it. Also you can change the frequency of sync by going in the setting of that particular app.

10. Use Third-Party Android Launchers

For making your android faster, you can also use third-party android launchers instead of default android launchers. These android launchers can significantly boost the android speed. Most these takes very low memory and provide cleaner & simple user interface. It is recommended to use third-party android launcher, if you want to make android faster.


Now you can easily make your android run faster. Above are some of the tips you should follow to speed up your android mobile. To use your android mobile to its full potential, the device should provide enough performance to complete a particular task.

Are you using your smartphone hardware & software to its full performance ?

Go and apply these tips to bring your android’s performance to maximum.