How To Know Your Computer Is Virus Infected

Do you want to know your computer is virus infected or not? You are at right place to get the answer. Computer Viruses are the common cause of system failure & data loss. Definitely you do not want to make your computer system unstable & losing of data due to malware infection. So what precaution are you taking to protect your system from virus infection?

For most people, there is only one solution to install a good antivirus software in PC. As you know, we can not make our computer system 100 percent secure. As new security threats are evolving everyday so there is always a chance our computer system can be compromised due to malwares.

Most of the hackers or invaders uses these malwares (computer viruses) to get unauthorized access to our precious data. On internet we do various day-to-day tasks including sending & receiving emails, working on our WordPress blog, video chatting, watching webinars and more. There is high chance your system may get malware infection from internet.

How To Know Your Computer Is Virus Infected

Is your computer system is running really slow? Is your computer software is not functioning properly? If yes then there is high chance that your computer is virus infected. There are the many typeS of malwares including trojans, worms, spyware and many other malicious programs which run silently in the background without your authorization.

Do you know about the symptoms of a computer infected with virus? There are many symptoms of a virus infected computer. You should know about them in order to tackle the situation properly.

Lets proceed further to know if your computer if you have a virus on your computer.

List Of Symptoms Of A Virus Infected Computer

Below are some of the common symptoms associated with the infection of a computer. You should be aware about these symptoms. The slow performance of computer does not always occur due to virus infection. It may be a result of lack of RAM, several programs running at same time and many other reasons. You have to inspects various aspects of a computer before going to the conclusion of virus infection.

So if your question is “does my computer have a virus”? Below is the answer you should follow.

1. Slowness Of Computer

Slowness of the computer is one of top symptom of a virus infected PC. If you are feeling some slowness while web browsing, opening folders & files, booting & shutdown and other tasks then there is an urgent need to scan your system with latest antivirus software.

I have personally experienced slowness of the computer system due to virus. That time my Windows computer was extremely slow. Even I can not able to move the mouse cursor. No computer command was working. Computer was just halted.

2. Change In Web Browser Settings

Many malware programs (adware and spyware) comes in the form of browser extensions. You will never notice when these unwanted get installed in your system and change your browser settings. It will change your web browser’s homepage & default search engine and also your web browsing speed will become slow.

These types of web browser addons comes pre-bundled with any software. So you have to be really aware about what you are installing in your system. Other it may cost you latter.

3. Common Functions Do Not Working Properly

Some of the common functions of computer may also get impacted due to malware infection. Just like we press Ctrl+alt+delete to open task manager in Windows operating system. In Mac, you just need to press command+space to open Spotlight. Both these commands in Windows & Mac will show you the currently running programs.

If somehow, you are not able to access them or tasks manager & Spotlight is not opening then there may be a virus running on your system.

4. Excessive CPU Or Memory Usage

Excessive CPU Or Memory Usage without opening much programs can be due to virus infection. A malware may be running in the background utilizing CPU & Memory of your system. This situation will ultimately result in slowness of PC.

Sometimes you have without opening any program, your system’s CPU usage goes really high.

5. Security Software Get Disabled

Some of the computer malware disables the security software (antivirus & firewall) installed in your system. If you find that your security software is disabling without disabling it then surely a computer virus is culprit for this.

In such situation either you can online scan your computer for viruses. In some situation, that malware prevents the web browser to open the security related website. In such situation, you should opt for standard malware removal tools.

6. Other Symptoms

  • Change in the DNS address of your internet connection
  • While web browsing, unwanted pop ups appearing even with latest web browser
  • Some of the Windows features like Command Prompt, Task Manager, Registry Editor, Control Panel etc. get disabled
  • Unwanted software got installed without any notice
  • Some programs are opening & run automatically
  • Window Error Messages


So these are some of the symptoms of a virus infected computer. If you are dealing with any of such issues on your PC then its time take action to remove that malware from the system.

If you have ever faced any virus infection situation in your computer, what type of symptoms or issues you have faced and how you got the solution for that.