Top 5 Best Secure Email Services

Do you know “Which is the best secure email service or most secure email provider”? Although there are many different email service available only few email services are security and privacy-focused. If in email communication, security is your priority then In this post, you will know about “most secure email services”.

As you know, email is one of the best ways of communication on the web”. Different organization across the world use email services for their business purpose. Also, employees, students, and almost every internet user own an email address.

We use VPN services to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. Also, some private search engine that does not track are also used for better privacy. Similarly, strong encryption is also necessary for email services for better security.

Are you have confidence in regular free email services in terms of security & privacy? Most of us don’t know about security & privacy aspects of email services. Email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail are not completely privacy & security oriented email services.

Best Secure Email Services

In 2013, every single customer account at Yahoo was affected by a data breach.

Traditional email services providers can allow the government to collect data from emails. Do you want any other organization or government to get access to emails?

Secure email service providers do not collect any data from emails. Also, they don’t allow the government or any other organization to get any email related data. With these secure email service, you will be fully confident in terms of security and privacy.

There are few secure email service providers, which provides excellent email privacy and encryption. Below is the list of most secure email providers.

List Of Most Secure Email Service Providers 2018

1. Mailfence

Best Secure Email Services

Mailfence is one of the most secure email service owned by ContactOffice Group. It is an email service from Belgium. They provide email service that is free from trackers and advertisements. OpenPGP end-to-end encryption is used for security of your emails. AES 256-bit encryption is used. Along with it, digital signatures and two-factor authentication are used for maximum security.

No third-party and even government are not allowed to access their data. They also have a set of tools integrated for messages, document, calendars, contacts, and groups.

This email service ensures that only you and the receiver can see the message. The service is protected by Belgian Law.


  • Top security & privacy
  • OpenPGP end-to-end encryption
  • No advertisements
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Emails are digitally signed to prove the authorship
  • No third-party can access the data
  • Integrated Tools

Mailfence is our preferred choice for the secure email service provider.

2. ProtonMail:

Best Secure Email Services

ProtonMail is a popular Switzerland based encrypted email service. All of their servers are located in Switzerland. It means all user data is protected by strict Swiss privacy law. They provide automatic email security with end-to-end encryption. Even they will be able to decrypt and read your emails.

Also, no personal information is needed to create a secure email account. Also, they do not keep any IP logs which can be linked to your anonymous email account. Proton email is also fully compatible with other email providers.


  • Open Source
  • Anonymous email
  • End to end encryption
  • Modern inbox design
  • Swiss Privacy
  • Mobile apps

3. CounterMail

Best Secure Email Services

CounterMail is another secure online email service designed to provide maximum security and privacy. They also use OpenPGP with 4096 bits encryption keys to secure your data. Their data is stored not on the hard disk but on diskless web servers. CD-ROMs are used to store the data in a secure way.

If you want to use your own email client then IMAP support is also present in it.


  • Diskless web servers
  • Anonymous email headers
  • IMAP server
  • Dynamic aliases

4. Hushmail

Hushmail was launched in 1999 by Hush Communication. With it, you will have an option to encrypt email you are sending. Between Hushmail users, the encryption is done on an automatic basis. While sending email to non-Hushmail user, you will have an option of encryption as a checkbox.

OpenPGP encryption is used to protect the content of the email. An A+ grade SSL/TLS connection is used between you and their servers.


  • Automatic encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Use your own domain
  • Dedicate customer support

5. Tutanota

Best Secure Email Services

Tutanota is a secure email service for everyone. It is an open source that enables security experts to verify its code. It automatically encrypts email on your device. Even attachments, subjects and all your contacts will remain encrypted. This email service can be used on any device. Its mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available.

All of your data is stored & encrypted in Germany data center.


  • Open Source
  • Focus on usability and security
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • Encryption of email

Conclusion:  Which Is The Most Secure Email  Provider

If you are really serious about your online privacy then you should consider these above listed best secure email services. Almost all of them also provide free accounts to use their service. Our preferred choice is “Mailfence and ProtonMail” among all.

.Your email contains some sensitive & private information about you and your business. So you should take care of your email privacy and security.

All of these secure email services provide encryption while sending emails. So email user will remain relaxed.

So what are you looking for? Go and get back your email security & privacy with these secure email service providers.